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Dave Robinson - Senior Consultant, Queensland

Dave Robinson- BSW (Hons) Massey University, 1985
- DipBusStud (Dispute Resolution), 1997

Dave has worked in the fields of social work, counselling, training, supervision and Mediation since 1980 in New Zealand, and since 2006 in Queensland. He was a senior probation officer in charge of student social work placements, and an associate lecturer at Massey University.

With his Associate Consultant Sue Lawrence, Dave carried out research into the needs of youth in a small community which led to the provision of youth social work and AOD services. For many years Dave also worked with male perpetrators of domestic violence.

For six years he was a fulltime mediator with Tenancy Services, completing up to 4 mediations per day, and has also done private mediation work with family, business, and workplace disputes. He has trained volunteers for community organisations in communication skills, and coached lawyers and other professionals involved in mediation.

In Queensland he has been working for an NGO in the fields of alcohol and other drugs, problem gambling, and employee assistance (which encompasses the full gamut of personal problems).

He has also been a Member of Parliament, Justice of the Peace, and bookshop proprietor. Throughout his working life, Dave has focussed on issues of social justice and conflict resolution.

Services Available
Dave is available throughout Queensland to provide:

Peer Mediation Training in Schools: trains students in conflict resolution practices so they can mediate disputes between other students. Teachers are taught to utilise and manage the program, and schools can purchase materials to enable them to implement the program independently
Professional Mediation Training: trains professionals to understand, manage, and resolve conflict in their existing workplaces
Mediation of workplace, family, organisational, community or other disputes
Facilitating Healthy Workplace Dynamics: Conflict can be a positive force for change, but it can just as easily become destructive and impact negatively on productivity. Such conflict can be prevented or defused with expert neutral facilitation.

Contact Dave:
Email dave@conflictsolvers.com.au
PO Box 2196, Redcliffe North, Qld 4020
Fax: (07) 3203 5104
Mobile: 0432 400 330
Phone: +61 (07) 3203 6946
ABN: 43 447 193 005