Services - Mediation Services Australia

We have a number of experienced mediators that are available for mediation in the following areas:

Workplace Disputes
Includes worker vs worker, worker and co-ordinators or managers, staff groups, collectives etc.

Business Disputes
Provision of Goods and Services,  Housing/Tenants/Landlords, Debt repayments.

Conflict Coaching
Participants in conflict coaching "one on one" is used for the purpose of developing the client's conflict-related understanding, interaction strategies and interaction skills.

Aged Care Disputes

Community Disputes
Includes local neighbour hood issues, planning disputes, localised issues, religious disputes.

Large Group Disputes
May involve several hundred disputants at once and is often associated or in conjunction with town/city meetings.

Parent/Adolescent Disputes
Disputes between families over issues such as ways of talking to each other, respect, freedom, use of drugs/alcohol etc.

Family Disputes (Adults)
Disputes cover a wide range of areas including future relationships between couples, dealing with inheritances, fencing disputes, relationships between adult siblings etc.

Restorative Justice Mediation
An opportunity for an offender(s) to sit down with the victim(s) of their crime and hear how their behaviour has affected others and how they can look at compensating the victim(s) for their actions.

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