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Cath Guerrieri - Consultant, Victoria

Cath GuerrieriGraduate certificate in Grief and Bereavement
Clinical Supervision
Diploma in Clinical Hypnosis
Group Facilitator
- Seasons – Grief and Loss for 5-18 years
- Breaking the Cycle
- Managing Me – Stress and Anxiety Management
- Tuning into Teens

Cath is currently working as mediator for Youth & Families .She offers mediation that is designed to help young people and their families reconnect  and reduce risk of homelessness, from overcoming obstacles to rebuilding relationships and rebuild family connections.  Cath also provides assistance with young people who are having difficulty living at home or have recently left home.

She facilitates community development projects and works collaboratively with organisations to intervene early with youth at risk of homelessness.   

As part of her on-going work, Cath facilitates Conflict management programs for adolescents in Secondary Schools.